Matt Talbot

The Venerable Matt Talbot





Matt Talbot was born on 2nd May to Elizabeth and Charles Talbot at Alderborough Court, North Strand.  He was baptised in the Pro-Cathedral, on 5th May.



Having attended school for only one year, Matt got his first job. At this time he began to drink and later admitted that from his early teens to his late twenties his only aim in life was heavy drinking.



Matt stopped drinking and made an initial three month pledge to God not to drink. Despite great temptation in the early stages he never took a drink again.



His remaining forty-one ‘dry’ years, were lived heroically, attending daily Mass, praying constantly, helping the poor and living the ascetic life-style of Celtic spirituality. This life was his prayer to God and his defence against a reversion to alcoholism.


1925 +

Matt died in Granby Lane on Trinity Sunday, 7th June on his way to Mass in Dominick Street. The chains found on his body at death were a symbol of his devotion to Mary, to whom he wished to devote himself as a slave.

Within a short time of his death, Matt’s reputation as a saintly man and especially as a protector of those suffering from all forms of addiction and their families was being established.

Matt Talbot was declared Venerable in 1973 which means the Church has decided that from a human point of view he has the qualifications of a Saint.



Timothy Schmalz, a Canadian sculptor, donated this memorial to the Pro-Cathedral on the 150th anniversary of Matt’s birth and baptism.


Prayer for the Canonisation of Venerable Matt Talbot


Lord, in your servant, Matt Talbot

you have given us a wonderful example

of triumph over addiction, of devotion to duty,

and of lifelong reverence for the Most Holy Sacrament.

May his life of prayer and penance

give us courage to take up our crosses

and follow in the footsteps

of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.



if it be your will that your beloved servant

should be glorified by your Church,

make known by your heavenly favours

the power he enjoys in your sight.

We ask this through the same

Jesus Christ Our Lord.



Favours received through the intercession of the Venerable Matt Talbot should be notified as soon as possible to the Vice Postulator:

Very Reverend Brian Lawless, Adm



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