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Few buildings have such a close association with significant moments in the political and religious history of Ireland as the Pro-Cathedral.

Compared with cathedrals in other European capitals, St. Mary’s is neither ancient nor awesome; its site was a compromise.

Presidents, governments and foreign ambassadors come to the Pro-Cathedral on great national occasions.  The Lord Mayor and the County Council come to extend Christmas greetings to the Archbishop on behalf of the citizens of Dublin.  Tourists include those on sightseeing trips around the city, and during the summer there is often nearly as many visitors as local parishioners at Sunday Masses.  The people of Dublin, who know it affectionately as the ‘Pro’ and in an echo of earlier days, there are still residents in the neighbourhood who still refer to it as ‘the Chapel in Marlborough Street’.

Every day there is a constant stream of people dropping in to light a candle and say a quiet prayer.

It is, as Archbishop Troy wanted it to be, a heart for the city and an active house of God.

History of the Cathedral

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Welcome to St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, the Cathedral Church of the Archdiocese of Dublin.

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